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Are you a senior who would like to exchange email messages with another senior? Canadian Senior Years provides two listings; one for single seniors looking for romantic connections and another for seniors looking for friendship email pals. To sign up for either listing, please fill in the form below or email your first name, country, who you would like to correspond with (M, F or either) and a description to syears@senioryears.com. Be sure to specify which list you would like to be displayed on!!

I just want to remind people that this is a service that I provide for free!! I have a busy family life and a full-time job and this web site is a hobby that cannot take priority over either. Please be patient, it can sometimes take several weeks or longer before your information is added. Just know that I am doing my best to find the time!!

By posting your email address in a public place, it is likely that you will receive advertising and junk email. Before you sign up, I would suggest you get a free email address from www.hotmail.com. That will make it easier to filter unwanted email. NEVER give out personal information such as your address, phone number, bank account numbers to a stranger you meet on-line or in response to an email. Never send money to anyone no matter how sad their story may be.

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If you have problems using the form, please send the information required to hardy@bmts.com Go to Email Pals Listing

Go to Single Seniors Listing

Do have a column that you'd like to write or an idea for Canadian Senior Years? E-mail us: ideas@senioryears.com

This web page was designed and developed by Ericka Hardy in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. She looks forward to developing a site for you!

For more information, visit Webcraft
or email hardy@bmts.com.

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