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Canadian Senior Years - online community with content for Canadian seniors
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Welcome to Canadian Senior Years, a site specifically designed for Canadians over 50. Here you will find the best information, articles, news and Canadian site links available for seniors on the web today! In addition, we provide a place for seniors to gather and trade information through our email pals and single seniors listings, senior talent page and articles.

**What's New on Senior Years??**
*Bob Orrick's new article is posted at Religion and Unions - Not Connected. His last article can be read at Is it Possible to Live in Harmony?.
*Bob Orrick's book is ready to be ordered!!!! Please go to Indelible Memories for more information. Would you like to Talk Back to Bob Orrick? Send your letters to Talking Back and I will post them at Talking Back to Bob.
*A new edition of Frisky After Sixty is posted at Feeliní Groovy?. To read the last contribuation, go to: Quick, Under the Sheets.
*Peggy Fisher has sent a Valentine excerpt from her weekly Seaside Scoop news at Savor Some Dark Chocolate for Your Heart & Soul. To read her last article go to Pick Perfect Presents. To subscribe to Peggy's free readership service, email:
*Daniel Saikaley has written a new article about RRIF's at Choosing A Retirement Option: The Self Directed RRIF. You can still read his last article at Designation of Beneficiaries and Registration of Assets.
*Dorothy interviews 84 year old athlete Gordon Scott at It's My Soapbox. To read more articles by Dorothy or any of our other writers, visit the web site list of articles at Article Index.
*Nanny Lowe has written about her most memorable Christmas memory at Keeping The Watch On Christmas Day. Also, we have some very exciting news! Nanny has had a book published! You can order it at Up 'Til Now.
*Opinion, opinions .... I've been sent a new one from Ralph. Check out what he has to say at opinions and then send yours to
*The latest craze in the Wild West of the United States is goldfish racing, held in Arizona and Utah bars, and more recently on the east coast in Florida. Eric has written about it at Is Goldfish Racing Cruel? Read Eric Shackle's last article about art on manhole covers at Manhole Covers As Works Of Art.
*Here is a great mother's day story! For a tribute to a mother's 25 years of caregiving go to A Tribute To A Woman With Heart-My Mother.
*To explore over 85 years of military history through hundreds of first-hand accounts and original artefacts shared by Canadian veterans from across the country go to

*Jeanette Dillon writes a touching story dedicated all those who are committed to the care of ailing loved ones at The Landing.
*Suzanne Berton has written a story about a woman who looks after her terminally ill father at Caregiver's Story: In Her Own Words.
*Jacqueline Marcell (Author / Publisher / Radio Host / Speaker / Eldercare Advocate) has written some very useful information about elder rage and Alzheimerís at If I Only Knew Then--What I Know Now!
*Margaret (our friend from New Zealand) writes A Wooly Story. You can still read her last article at New Zealand made Movies Lure Tourists to Kiwiland.
*Jim MacDonald tells you how to take control of your life by setting goals and establishing priorities at Reach Your Goals. To read his last article go to Volunteering: A Win-Win Affair.
*Marlowe, officially reported to have been killed in a knife fight at the age of 29, had in fact faked his death and fled to Italy. There, they believe, he continued to write, his work being published in England in Shakespeare's name. For our story, click on Was Shakespeare a Con Man?
*Our computer expert is back with an article about how to avoid getting computer viruses. To read more, go to Avoiding Worms, Viruses and Hackers
*Patti Griffin has written a self-help Guide to Dating After Sixty. She is trying to get it published but for now will reprint one chapter per month here. To read her 2nd chapter, go to Drink Much??. You can read her introduction at Intro to Patti and her first chapter at The Pepper Man.
*Considering a vacation with your grandchildren? Paula Hughes Court, a freelance writer who specializes in senior issues and travel has written Cruising With Grandchildren.
*With the inclement weather on the way it's more difficult to get out and about. Sylvie Malaborsa gives some suggestions of things you can do to prevent loneliness at Twenty Ways To Enjoy Your Solitude.
*If youíre wondering if you should be concerned about occasional memory lapses, you arenít alone. Itís important to know if they are signs of normal aging or symptoms of more serious problems. Read more at Things To Remember When You Forget.
*Sharon is losing her sight and wrote this touching poem. Read it at A Mere Mortal's Eyes
*Terry Shannon finally finds a use for a hammock at Hammock and tries her hand at making pies like her mother used to make at Pie Simple and how about sewing at A Stitch In (The Teenage Equivalent Of) An Eon.
*Read Stroke Facts and Warning Signs. The information in this article may save your life some day!
*Margaret (our friend from New Zealand) writes about the effect of recent movies on the tourist trade in New Zealand at New Zealand made Movies Lure Tourists to Kiwiland.

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